Fill Prices - Why You Shouldn't Charge the Same For All

A very common thing for lash technicians to do, especially when they are relatively fresh to the industry, is charge one set price for all fills.  Although this may seem like a logical way of doing things, we have some reasons why you should consider charging on a time based system.

1)  Your time is worth more than you think!  There is no need to charge your client that comes every 2 weeks and only requires 30 minutes of your time the same as your client that comes every 6 weeks and requires 90 minutes of your time.  Consider coming up with a price plan that is based on 15 minute intervals and depends on their last appointment.  Don't let Suzy Six Lashes pay $45 just because she doesn't want to find the time to come more than once every 6 weeks.  Your time is valuable and you should charge accordingly!

2) You are giving the client unrealistic expectations! Ideally your clients will only see you.  However, life happens!  Sometimes you will be sick.  Sometimes you will be fully booked for weeks.  Sometimes your client's availability just won't line up with yours and they will need to see another technician.  I constantly receive calls from clients of other techs that are being charged an extremely low rate for their lengthy fills and expect the same everywhere.  Most technicians, especially ones that work from a spa or studio, will not low ball the cost of fills.  This upsets the client as they are used to paying you $45 for their 60 minute fill when they are being quoted $80 at other places.

3) Your clients will feel more inclined to take better care of their lashes and get into a routine!  The average client will not want to pay for their lashes to be filled every 2 weeks, but some people just don't take care of them as well as others.  If you are charging a universal fill price, you will have clients booking in way further out than needed regardless of the condition of their extensions.  If you inform them that by booking every 5 weeks they're spending $100 a month, but could be spending only $50 a month by booking on a 3 week schedule, they will most likely want to get into that habit!  This is good for you, as your client is now in a routine and you know what to expect when they come in.  It is also good for the client as they will have them touched up more frequently and won't be inclined to wait for 90% of them to fall out before coming back to you!


**Please note that all prices are simply made up for the purpose of this post.  Play around with your timing and charge based on what is in your best interest.


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