Classic Vs. Volume
Although it is possible to build a strong business offering only classic extensions, why not up your retail and learn volume?!
What's the difference?
Classic:  1 lash extension is applied per natural lash.  Often, these extensions are 0.15 - 0.18mm in diameter.  This gives the impression that the individual lashes are longer and thicker than they actually are. 

Volume: 2-6 thin and light extensions are placed on each individual lash.  This type of extension is excellent for giving a full voluminous look while maintaining a natural feel.  2D or 3D is recommended if the client is looking to have them regularly filled.  4D - 6D is excellent for a special event but over time will cause damage to the natural lash.
One type of extension is not necessarily better than the other.  Every client will expect a different look and the price difference may also alter the client's decision.  That being said, we truly do believe that being trained in volume is essential!  It opens up a whole new world to your existing clients and will bring you more business in the long run.
*Interested in being certified in Volume Extensions?  click here to enroll!
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