Beauty Art's Dual Arm LED Pro Lamp with Cell Phone Holder, Adjustable Bright Lights (6,000K), Bluetooth and Secure, Lightweight Structure - Designed for Lash, Brow, Makeup and Tattoo Artists

$269.99 269.99


  • BRIGHT & EVEN LIGHT - Our floor lamp contains 224 LED lights which can produce up to 6,000K of flicker-free daytime light (adjustable from 0% to 100% warm white or yellow light) . It's the perfect addition for Esthetic (Aesthetic), Makeup and Tattoo artists to ensure an equal field of light for fine detail work without placing extra strain on your eyes.
  • CELL PHONE HOLDER - Capture your exquisite work with our attached cell phone holder, that adjusts to fit phones with width between 2.5 and 4.5 inches and has a USB chargeable port. Ideal for use by Estethicians, Tattoo Artists, Permanent Makeup, Lash / Eyelash, Brow Artists, Skin Care Professionals and can even be used for Professional Photography & Videography.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE with TOUCH CONTROL or BLUETOOTH REMOTE - The dual arms can rotate for angled light and the lamp is adjustable in height from 36 inches to 59 inches (pole length). The remote can be used to take pictures with Bluetooth connection, giving you the opportunity for setting up the perfect picture.
  • STURDY, LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE - Our lamp will not fall over easily because of an accidental bump by your elbow. Our light is constructed of a strong and lightweight aluminum (total weight 4.5 pounds) with a wide telescopic base to ensure stability no matter where you are working.
  • NO COOL DOWN & EASY SETUP - Our 25-inch LED light display requires no cool down period and can be packed up immediately after use. Setup is easy with only 4 parts (including the power adapter) that lock / unlock quickly for transport making this a great a portable light for visiting clients.