Beauty Art Signature Adhesive

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Decrease your application time by 5-10 minutes. This fast drying (2-3 second) adhesive has the ability to re-adjust your lash if needed. This is a flexible, strong-hold adhesive that can last the entire cycle of your clients natural lash. Great for classic as well as volume lashing, it has a thin to medium viscosity and is non-wicking so your fans will not close when creating volume. 

This is our only adhesive we carry that is MADE IN CANADA at a medical laboratory that is biocompatible compliant. 

Available in 10mL. 

Shelf Life: 6 months unopened
Cure Time: 6-24 hours
Storage: 5-10 degrees C, humidity 35% or below
Working Time: Every 20-30 minutes 
Dry Time: 2-3 seconds
Humidity: 35-55%
Scent: Low
Fume: Medium

*PRO TIP* In the drier months of winter, add a drop of water on each lash pad. The extra moisture close by will help quicken dry time.