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These premium upgraded lashes are made from the highest-quality materials and are designed to appear completely natural. They integrate the softness of mink lashes with the richness and elasticity of silk lashes.
The most natural looking extensions, combined with the most ideal qualities: 
-Created with a lustre that resembles human eyelashes, a uniform thickness and ideal tapered shape, long lasting curl and more softness and elasticity than other brands. 
Highest industry standards:  
-Made with reliable high-end PBT synthetic materials, adhesion and packaging materials. 

-Advanced adhesive tape that won’t leave residue on extensions. 
-Manufactured in a certified clean & safe laboratory 

Best performance: 

-High heat-resistance due to a special curling process which ensures a long lasting curl even in the most humid and hot conditions.
-Lashes have an even surface which allows for a greater adhesion capability during application, ensuring the longest lasting bond.
-Each row is numbered for your convenience